Episode 10

Published on:

29th Aug, 2022

Episode 9

Published on:

15th Aug, 2022

Episode 8

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25th Jul, 2022

Episode 7

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11th Jul, 2022

Episode 6

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27th Jun, 2022

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About the Podcast

The Real Demons of Pop Culture
Pazuzu, Ammit, Lucifer & Lilith, Hades & Hecate, these are just a few of the demon antagonists from your favorite movies, tv shows, comics, video games, books and more. I am James Ippoliti, your guide through pop culture's underworld. I am a horror fiction author and TikTok's famous Doctor of Demonology & the Dark Arts.
A bi-weekly podcast, I release a brand new episode exploring the real demons behind pop culture’s most infamous villains.
For exclusive content, merchandise, tales of terror mailed to you and more head to my Patreon page at https://www.jamesippoliti.com/patreon and tell all of your demon loving friends that the show is available to listen to completely free anywhere that you can find podcasts. And for more of dark arts head to https://www.jamesippoliti.com/tiktok to see behind the scenes and daily content.
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James Ippoliti

James Ippoliti aka Dr. J. - Retired Demon Hunter & Knower of Things brings his kooky brand of demon love to the podcast world. TikTok's #1 demon hunter, James loves to share his knowledge with other fans of all things dark.